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The Spanish Professional Hunter’s Association (APTCE) have the honor to announce that will have a presence with own booth during the following US hunting and expo conventions 2020:

Dallas Safari Club hunting expo

Dallas (Texas)  January 9 – 12

Safari Club international

Reno (Nevada) February 5 – 8

We encourage to visit us!!!

Brochures, merchandising and gifts availables, as well as important information for all those who want to schedule a future hunt in Spain with our recognized prestige members.

Giant APTCE steps

♦ APTCE consolidates as a private court accusation for SPANISH IBEX poaching cases in our country.

♦ APTCE fight the rights of all EU and international hunters & sportmans and hold costant meetings with the ministry of interior, civil guard firearms deparment to reach bilateral agreements on the possesion and sport use of weapons.

♦ APTCE work hand to hand with ARTEMISAN FOUNDATION, largest pro-hunting & conservation foundation in Spain what represents the hunters interests, defense of hunting as an intangible cultural asset, as well as huge conservation projects as «red legged partridge», «European turteldove», «Iberian lynx», «Iberian wolf», «Spanish Ibex», and so on.

♦ APTCE congratules Mr.JOSE MADRAZO «PEPE», for being the fourth Spanish hunter to have won the «Weatherby foundation international» award, most prestigious hunting & conservation recognition for outstanding sportsmanship and achievement in the hunting fields of the world.

♦ APTCE presents the #300 Spanish ibex club & #Spanish ibex slam trophy awards.
Please forward your request and submitted official trophy score sheets to: awards@spansihibexprofessionalhunters.com


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