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Spanish Professional Hunters Association

300 points Spanish Ibex club

National or International hunters who have completed the «Spanish ibex grand slam» with SCI official score over 300 points rifle method & 270 archery

Spanish Ibex slam

National or International hunters who have completed the «Spanish Ibex grand slam», which includes any size Gredos Ibex, Beceite Ibex, Southeastern Ibex & Ronda Ibex

The Spanish Professional Hunters Association (S.P.H.A) is proud to present the #300 Club Spanish Ibex Slam Award 2022.

The award winners gala took place at the «night of the hunter» event at the Safari Club International Convention 50 th anniversary held in Las Vegas (NV).

For the first time, eight hunters were awarded with a trophy that recognizes the achievement of all 4 Spanish Ibex trophies with an SCI combination measurements reaching 300 point with rifle method or 270 points with bow & arrow method.

The trophy award consists of a unique ibex bronze bust sculture made by the renowned Spanish Garoz brothers taxidemy @garoz_garoz, engraved with the hunter’s name, harvested method and total score.

We, at the S.P.H.A want to recognize those who put their confidence on our members to achieve their dreamed hunt come true!!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you all next year at the #300 Club Spanish Ibex Slam Award Ceremony.


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