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The Spanish Professional Hunter’s Association (APTCE) have the honor to announce that will have a presence with own booth during the following US hunting and expo conventions:



APTCE wish to thanks and recognize Mr. RICHARD ALLEN for his commitment and cooperation, honorably representing our association during the DSC, SCI AND WSF hunting & expo conventions.

We encourage to visit us!!!

Brochures, merchandising and gifts availables, as well as important information for all those who want to schedule a future hunt in Spain with our recognized prestige members.


♦ The Spanish Profesional Hunters Association (@spanish_profesional_hunters) meeting at Safari Club International (SCI) convention held in Nashville (TN), Jan 31st – Feb 3rd, 2024.

♦ S.P.H.A president, Mr. Diego Satrustegui (left), received from the Minister of Environment of Castilla y Leon state, Mr. Juan Carlos Suarez-Quiñones (right), the meritorious award of recognition as president of the Association, for the outstanding contributions and dedication focusing Spanish Ibex conservation with sustainable hunting model. Spain is renowned for its rich history, culture, cuisine, and diverse landscapes.

This prestigious recognition highlights SPANISH PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS ASSOCIATION. This accolade is a significant milestone and a source of immense pride for all of us at SPHA.

The «EU firearm project»The collaboration agreement, is entered into June 2024, between S.P.H.A and ADEMAC, aimed to simplifying the Firearms procedures at the European Union. This report provides an overview of the
collaboration’s progress, achievements, challenges faced, and future opportunities.

♦ APTCE members has a very productive meeting with Spanish consul Ms. Julia Olmo in Houston (Texas), great progress is agreed on the request and management of the temporary sporting firearms authorization

♦ APTCE work hand to hand with ARTEMISAN FOUNDATION, largest pro-hunting & conservation foundation in Spain what represents the hunters interests, defense of hunting as an intangible cultural asset, as well as huge conservation projects as «red legged partridge», «European turteldove», «Iberian lynx», «Iberian wolf», «Spanish Ibex», and so on.

♦ APTCE presents the #300 Spanish ibex club & #Spanish ibex slam trophy awards.
Please forward your request and submitted official trophy score sheets to: awards@spansihibexprofessionalhunters.com

♦ APTCE signs an unprecedent agreement with WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION with a duration of 3 years extendable, under which, will be carried out the implementation of conservations projects, as well as the «Spanish Ibex slam» & «#300 points club» prestigious awards sponsorship, and the APTCE inclusion as a WSF association partnership member.

♦ «APTCE CONSERVATION» in-tune with the ARAGON fish & wildlife deparment provides funds intended for advance technical devices in order to update Pyrenean chamois population censuses

♦ APTCECONSERVATION – immersed in a new project with our most emblematic indigenous species, The Spanish Ibex. This project it has been possible thanks to efforts of Fundacion Artemisan & Bergara rifles (Spanish well-known rifles manufacters). After harvesting Ibexes trophies, we are collecting body samples (skin, muscle, tooth) in order to foward it to the Biologist for laboratory study. Veterinarians, Engineers, Biologist and hunters join forces and knowlwgde to cnsolidate this conservation scientific research.

♦ APTCE acts actively in die-hard defense the «IBERIAN GREY WOLF» current hunting management. With an estimated population over 2.500 wolfs, largest population in Europe, even in full expasion, APTCE avocate a sustainable hunting model as a wildlife conservation method,enhancement of endemic habitats and economic activation of unpopulated rural regions.

♦ APTCE consolidates new guidelines in reference of traveling with FIREARMS from UK to Spain after Brexit.


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